"Get Your Dating Life in Shape" 3-Months 1-1 Coaching Program by Glee Lea

"Get Your Dating Life in Shape" 3-Months 1-1 Coaching Program

Work closely with me through a personalized coaching program that is tailored to your needs and current dating situation. 

I will help you overcome your obstacles that have been keeping you single, develop an active and exciting dating life filled with quality men, find your Mr. Right, and learn the skills that are crucial in building lasting love.

Goals for Coaching:

Here are some of the goals you may want to set for your 1-1 coaching program:

  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • identifying and overcoming your destructive dating patterns
  • changing the type of man you´re attracted to
  • overcoming your addiction to a person 
  • meeting and dating quality men
  • improving your self-confidence
  • building self-esteem
  • nurturing a (new) relationship
  • overcoming neediness in dating and relationship
  • healing your broken heart

If your goal is not in the list above, no problem. We will set the goal for your program in the beginning of our coaching.

How It Works:

  • You will get 1 hr x 12 weeks coaching calls. Coaching calls will be done over Watsapp or Skype.
  • Every week for 12 weeks you will get lessons and/or action items to complete.
  • Customized feedback on your homework and workbooks.
  • Email support between calls to answer your questions from Mondays to Thursdays. I will reply to your email within 78 hours.