Build Your Self-Esteem in 10 Weeks by Glee Lea

Build Your Self-Esteem in 10 Weeks

Building Self-Esteem: 10 Weeks eCourse

A healthy self-esteem is the foundation of every good relationship. You need to really like yourself before someone else can really like you. But if you´re like me who used to struggle with loving myself, you may be spending most of your energy trying to please other people so that they won´t reject you. Or you may be sabotaging your chance to happiness because you don´t believe that you are worthy of it. You may be feeding your thoughts with negativity, the same damaging negativity that were fed to you by the toxic people in your life or your bullies.

Having low self-esteem can also mean you have little self-respect. You settle for anything that will come even if you deserve better. You may be doing well professionally but when it comes to your looks and body, you have negative self-image. So you don´t think that an attractive and wonderful man will ever like you becase you don´t find yourself attractive. Low self-esteem can also make you feel constantly self-conscious, shy or awkward, and self-deprecating.

The good news is that, if you´re unhappy with how you feel about yourself, you can change it.

In this 10 weeks eCourse I will take you by the hand and gently guide you in learning to accept yourself, embrace your gifts and strengths, overcome negative self-image, improve your weaknesses, stand up for yoursefl, and love yourself.

What's included?

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Week 1. The Truth About Low Self-Esteem
Week 1a The Truth About Low Self-Esteem +Self-Confidence.pdf
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Week 1b Observation.pdf
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Week 1c Workbook.pdf
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Week 2. Believing In Yourself
Week 2a Believe In Yourself.pdf
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Week 2b Workbook.pdf
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Week 3. Getting Your Mind On Your Side
Week 3a Self Belief.pdf
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Week 3b Workbook.pdf
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Week 3c I rejoice in my inner beauty.pdf
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Week 3d Printable2.pdf
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Week 4. Improving Your Emotional Well-Being
Week 4a Improve Your Emotional Well-Being.pdf
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Week 4b Workbook.pdf
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Week 4c Printable1.pdf
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Week 4c Printable2.pdf
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Week 4c Printable3.pdf
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Week 4d I Pay Attention to My Feelings.pdf
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Week 5. Creating Rules for Your Life that Serve You Well
Week 5a Rules For Your Life.pdf
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Week 5b Workbook.pdf
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Week 6. Embracing Your Strengths
Week 6 Embrace Your Strengths.pdf
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Week 6 Journal.pdf
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Week 6c Printable1.pdf
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Week 6c Printable2.pdf
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Week 6d I have endless talents which I utilize every day.pdf
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Week 7. Putting an End to Your Self-Sabotage
Week 7a Put an End to Your Self-Sabotage.pdf
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Week 7b Printable1.pdf
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Week 7b Printable2.pdf
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Week 8. Ending Shyness
I am proud of every personal accomplishment.pdf
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Week 8 Ending Shyness.pdf
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Week 8 Planner.pdf
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Week 8 Printable1.pdf
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Week 8 Printable2.pdf
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Week 9. Standing Up for Yourself
Week 9a Stand Up for Yourself.pdf
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Week 9b I express my needs and feelings.pdf
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Week 9c I am strong enough to let others know what I need.pdf
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Week 10. Forgiving Yourself
Week 10a Forgiving Yourself.pdf
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Week 10b I have the power to change myself.pdf
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Week 10c Printable.pdf
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