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The Glee Tribe

Find, attract and keep "the One" with expert tools and advice.

What is the Glee Tribe?

Are you a successful, single woman yet frustrated and lonely because your love life is empty? 

Launch your love life by accessing personalized advice, essential trainings, easy-to-use tutorials, coaching & support that will speed up your journey to finding "the One". 

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Dating and flirting tips, practicing positive communication, and building deeper intimacy.

Emotional balance, handling rejection, letting go, healing the past, self-awareness and self-discovery.

Choosing the right partner, getting the commitment that you want, and nurturing a new relationship.

Beauty and feminininity, vulnerability, increasing your desirability factor, building self-esteem and self-confidence, and loving yourself.

About Glee

I´m here to help you supercharge your dating life.

I help single women attract True Love naturally by teaching them to approach dating from a place of self-worth, self-love, real beauty and femininity. I believe in the importance of self-discovery and raising awareness in relationships in order to build a healthy, solid and satisfying relationship with "the One" that lasts.

A high-school Maths teacher and debate trainer with 8 years experience in classroom teaching and national level debate tournaments, I retired from teaching to pursue my purpose in life — to empower women and help them achieve their ultimate dream of finding love.
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 " Glee´s coaching led me to open my eyes to see myself, my ideal guy, the opposite sex in general, and the whole dating thing, from a different perspective from a realistic perspective.

I was behaving in a manner which doesn’t attract men to my liking. My behaviour was caused by my mindset. So the first thing we worked on is to change how I think about dating and relationships.
 " I used to attract broken men and I was in a mission to fix them.  I´m glad I took the leap of faith and sought Glee´s help. She helped me become aware of my destructive dating pattern and guided me towards attracting better men. 

A few months after we started coaching I met my True Love. And exactly eight months since my first coaching session with Glee, I got engaged! Now I´m busy prepping for my wedding. 
" Most of the people who come to our office asked if I already have a boyfriend because I look happy and I glow.

I work as a court enterpreter and the police men who escort detainees to their hearing have told my colleagues that they used to think I wasn´t nice but that they´re surprised to know that I´m actually approachable and friendly. This certainly has leveled up my confidence. I can see myself dating one of them in the near future. :)
Hi, Glee. Kudos for the amazing work! I read all your content and loved each of them, super awesome. I have learnt to be more open while still having boundaries and trusting the universe for good things to happen. You have answered so many of my questions.
Your advice have been extremely useful in my quest to better myself from needy traits. Not only is my inner belief improving but my outlook is changing. I love the part about commanding, not demanding, respect and I think that as women this is a powerful skill to own.
" I have been keeping men at a distance, not from hard-to-get 'tactics', but from my own inner self-pride. From always keeping guys out of sight, out of mind, never letting myself need anyone and therefore, they don't feel the reason to be needed or to add to my happiness — it's like an elusive, disenchanting goal. 

I realize, I have to separate the masculine drives of my independence with the feminine characteristics that Glee speaks of so that a deeper connection, which may lead to that genuine love, can form.
"I was a widow for sixteen years when I decided to start meeting men and try my luck in finding love again. Through Glee´s coaching I realized that I have to get to know the men first before rejecting them. This was a pivotal realization for me because I was comparing the men I met to my late husband and I was quick to dismiss them. 

It took me a while but it paid off. Now I am happily living together with my partner of three years, who pampers and loves me as much as I do to him. Thanks to Glee I am now happier than before. No more lonely nights, and wedding bells are around the corner.