Month 2: Readying for Love by Glee Lea

Month 2: Readying for Love

If finding love is a life goal that you want to meet this year, then learning how to prioritize your search for love is necessary. However, whether or not you´re ready to meet „the One“, getting crystal clear of your ideal partner and having a minimum requirement list for your potential dates will save you time and many a heartaches, as well as expand your dating pool. 

Attract success to your dating life through manifestation and visualization techniques, and learn how to be safe while navigating the dating arena by having rules and boundaries.

What's included?

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Week 1. Prioritizing Your search for Love.
M2. W1. Lesson.pdf
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M2. W1. Relationship Assessment Quiz.pdf
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Month 2 Readying Yourself for Love Syllabus.pdf
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Week2. Identifying the Qualities that You´re Looking for.
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Week 3. Setting Intention to Meet the "One"
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Week 4. Setting Rules & Boundaries
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