One-on-One Email Coaching with Glee by Glee Lea

One-on-One Email Coaching with Glee

Work closely with me and get unlimited guidance and support through email for 4 weeks. I will help you achieve your goals for love, overcome your obstacles, and design an action plan to jumpstart your love life.

How Does It work?

One-on-one email coaching is best suited for busy, single women who like the versatility of emails. You’re free to send me your questions when they come up, any time of the day. I will personally read and respond to each of your questions with answers that are relevant to your specific situation. You get personalized coaching, not generic responses. 

  1. After you sign up for email coaching, you will receive an email from me with your log-in information to the Glee Tribe where you can access your coaching program.
  2.  Log-in to the Tribe and download the on-boarding survey questionnaire with some “getting to know you” coaching questions. These questions help me understand your coaching needs and how I can be of best service to you. 
  3. Download and fill-up the on-boarding survey questionnaire.
  4. Send me your answers by following the instructions I gave you inside the program. Your first question for me is included in the survey questionnaire.
  5. From there we will identify your top pain points and obstacles to work on, and then we´ll proceed to designing action plans to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goal for the coaching program.

If you believe that email coaching is for you, then I encourage you to secure your spot today. To make sure I’m always providing the best possible service, I only take a limited number of email coaching clients per month. Sign up today to make sure you’re one of them.

Guidelines of the Email Coaching Program

  1. Send only one email per day and one question at a time. Each coaching day, Monday through Thursday, you are welcome to send one question that you’d like me to answer. If you send multiple questions, I won’t be able to answer them. This is so that I can respect the other participants in the program. Instead, create a running list of questions as they come to you. That way, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the program by asking a question each day. It’s okay if you need to give me background information on you or the situation before you ask the question. That can help me shape my answer, but do keep your questions clear and concise. 
  2. Take action on the answers you receive from me. Study the teaching materials I give you and do your homework. Every coaching day (Monday through Thursday), you’ll get an email response from me with my answer to your most recent question. I answer within 24 hours. By the end of our 30 days of coaching, you should have concrete, positive results. 
  3. Take days off. I want to give you time to process my answers and then take action to get the best results in your dating and relationship, and your life. Our designated days off will be Friday through Sunday and any major holidays that occur during our 30 days together. 
  4. After 30 days and you still need more coaching, you will have to purchase another 4-weeks package to continue.
  5. Your package expires four weeks (30 days) after purchase. 

What's included?

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