Month 1: Self-Discovery by Glee Lea

Month 1: Self-Discovery

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Month 1. Self-Discovery
Welcome to Month 1. Find Your True Love Project.pdf
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M1. Week 1. Self-Discovery. Embracing Singlehood
M1. W1. Lesson.pdf
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M1. W1. Worksheet.pdf
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M1 Week1 Video
11 mins
M1. Week 2. Self-Discovery. Who Are You Attracted to?
M1. W2. Lesson.pdf
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M1. W2. Worksheet.pdf
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M1 Week 2 Video
14 mins
M1. Week 3. Self-Discovery. Identifying the Needs You Missed Out in Childhood
M1. W3. Lesson.pdf
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M1. W3. Homework.pdf
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M1 Week3 Video
5 mins
M1. Week 4. Self-Discovery. Identifying Your Destructive Dating Patterns
M1. W4. Lesson.pdf
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M1. W4. Homework.pdf
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M1. W4. Worksheet.pdf
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M1. W4. Guide.pdf
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M1 Week4 Video
2 mins